Posted by: photochika42 | September 27, 2010

Sony A900 Camera Ad Critque

This ad was found in a Danish magazine (or online at ). The creator of this advertisement was unlisted. The ad was created for the Sony A900 digital camera. The first thing that a viewer sees is the camera and the use of bubbles near the bottom of the advertisement. The ad draws the viewer’s eye down to the camera and how bubbles surround the camera. The ad is constructed so there is movement down towards the product being advertised, which in this case is the camera. The black background helps create a sleek, sophisticated mood of the advertisement.

In this advertisement, there is form and shape used.  The geometric shapes of circles are found in nature.  This advertisement is objective because of the real objects in this ad.  Lighting is also an important part of this ad.  The low lighting and the dark feel of this ad help the viewer look for the message within this advertisement.  The principles of design are used here are balance, emphasis, and proportion.

There is both symmetrical balance and asymmetrical balance in this advertisement.  There is symmetrical balance of the bubbles at the bottom of the ad from left to right, but the balance is asymmetrical from top to bottom because of the lack of bubbles at the top of the advertisement.  There is emphasis found by the camera being the contrast to the bubbles at the bottom of the ad. Proportion is shown by the relationship between the bubbles and the camera.  The visual effect of the ad is achieved by using the elements and principles of design to help emphasize how unique the camera is.

The statement of style and sophistication without actually saying anything about how high class this camera is makes this ad work.  Semiotics is used because of the use of a signifier and something being signified.  The bubbles are the signifier and the camera is the signified thing in this ad.  I think this ad means that anyone who uses this camera is able to catch the detail of anything, including bubbles like the one seen in the ad. I feel calm when looking at this ad. The bubbles are in a way, soothing to me. This ad means that a good camera is a good tool to help a photographer catch the right shot. I love photography and I feel that this camera could help me capture the shots that I want successfully.

I feel that this ad is designed well. The viewer is not overwhelmed by graphics found in the ad, and it has one main point. The subject matter of a camera that looks so sleek and elegant could be seen as unappealing, because a sleek camera could have a hefty price tag. The ad communicates a feeling of capturing memories that someone might cherish forever. This ad effectively communicates the message of elegance and sophistication. I think this ad might bore some people because there are no people involved, but other people might find this advertisement intriguing because of the lack of color or words used.

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