Posted by: photochika42 | October 4, 2010

Polly Chandler

Biography of Polly Chandler:

Polly Chandler is an art photographer who takes many photographs in black and white. She graduated with a B.A. in art from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in 1997. She also received her B.A. in graphic design at the same school in the same year. Chandler went back to Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and received her M.F.A in mass communications and media arts and specialized in photography in 2004.

Polly started her career in Austin, Texas as the photographer for the Texas House of Representatives. From there, she started to enter her work into exhibitions, mostly local, until she was well known. She has been in a few juried exhibitions and has had three solo exhibitions so far.

Her work has been featured in a few photography magazines such as the Photo District News, B&W Magazine, American Photo, Shots Magazine, and PhotoLife.

First photograph:

This photograph uses a few elements of photography. First, Chandler uses the shape of the curve to show movement. She also uses the rule of thirds to center her photo. There is also repetition with the lines at the bottom. The center of interest in this photo is the curve with the lines, and the subject is placed on the left of the frame. The curve of the shape (it could be a building?) helps frame the empty space on the right side, which makes this photo feel somewhat balanced. The viewpoint of this photo is interesting to me. I feel that if Chandler took this photo at any other angle, the subject would lose value to the viewer. The lighting illuminates the lines that support the curved beam, which makes this photo so beautiful to me. The perspective is something else I also admire about this picture.

Second photograph:

This photograph does use lines to show repetition in the background. The center of interest is the woman in this picture, who expresses a feeling of remorse or regret. This emotion that the subject expresses could set the tone for this photo as sad. The woman, who is the subject of interest is placed right in the center of this frame, which helps balance the background lines. The pattern in the background does take the attention away from the woman, but then helps bring the focus back to the woman. The use of shadows in this picture is something I admire. There are more shadows on the left side of the photo than the right side, which questions what form of lighting was used. I feel that this photo was taken outside by the gradual fade of the shadows in the background. I enjoy how simple yet complex this photo is, and I find that quality of a photo very interesting.

Third photograph:

One thing I instantly enjoy about this photograph is that Chandler took this photograph in color. The colors help show the playfulness of a carnival or of a local fair. The perspective that she used to take this photograph also interests me because of the way she is focused on the bottom of the ferris wheel carts instead of looking at the whole ferris wheel from the side. The placement of the ferris wheel right next to the coupon booth is also beautiful with this image. Chandler uses both subjects to balance the photograph well. The lighting looks natural to me, and the color of the sky is so beautiful. I feel that the ferris wheel should be the center of interest, but the angle and the placement of the coupon booth make me feel that it is the center of interest instead.



  1. These photos are great, thanks for posting. might be an idea to make your sources linked, so veiwers can click them istead of copy-paste them to visit the sites you have mentioned…

    • Thanks for the input! I’ll update my blog to make that easier. 🙂

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