Posted by: photochika42 | October 11, 2010

Photo Essay: Journey of Smiley-face Man







Full of sunshine








Just around the corner

















The overall focus of the photo essay is a stress ball with a smiley face on it and it has arms and legs. This little person was an entertaining focus to see throughout these pictures because it is the unexpected.

In “well-padded” (the subject is surrounded by bubble wrap), it was an interesting background choice for the subject. The lighting was there, but along the top left side of the photo there is some darkness. There is the idea of trying to light up that corner of the picture and to see the result. The way the subject is positioned in this photo is interesting, but there are other possibilities to try as well.

“Full of sunshine” (the subject is sitting against a wall in the sunlight) has a nice up-close angle of the subject. The use of the lighting is a nice way to light up the subject, but the shadow that is created from the lighting is okay. The shadow helps create balance of light and dark in this photo, but the shadow is at an odd position.

“Traveling” (the subject is inside of a metro station) has a good angle of the subject and the background. The position of the subject, however, is at a strange angle, and could be positioned in a different way. I feel that if it was turned so it was completely looking at the right side of the frame or completely to the left, then it would make a better photo.

“Just around the corner” (the subject is on a gray ledge and has an interesting ridged roof above it) has an interesting effect because of the ridged roof. The ridged roof makes the building behind it looks a little separated (on the right side of the building). The ridged roof is an interesting background, but could also be used as an interesting filter. The lighting for this photo is decent, but the photographer should try experimenting with lighting more.  It would be interesting to add more lighting coming in from the ridged roof, or from the lower left corner.

“Waiting” (the subject is sitting on a bench) has a good use of lines. There is a woman in the right side of the corner, which should be edited out. She takes away from the photo. Other than that, the reflection of the yellow of the subject is seen on the bench, and adds an interesting element to the photo.

“Ledge” (the subject is sitting on top of a sign in a bus stop) has a good use of lines. With the background of the bus stop, there is some reflection from the metal. Some of the reflections are giving off light, which is a nice element to this photo. It would be interesting to try shooting from different angles to get more use of lines or get more light involved.

“Relaxing” (the subject is sitting on a couch) is kind of a boring photo. The subject is very close to the camera, but this photo does not have the vibe of a more “artzy” photo. Looking at it now, I am asking myself “so what?” I do not really sense a point to this photo.

The use of lighting in some pictures helps illuminate the subject of these photos, but there are other pictures that could use better lighting.  Some of the angles of these photographs are strong, but other photos could try more perspectives.

The meaning of these pictures, in my opinion, is to bring cheer to unexpected places. With that, hope could also be the message of this essay because of the brightness of the subject.

It was difficult for me to emulate Polly Chandler’s style in some locations. I know all of these photos are in color, but if I played around with the filter or tried to edit them some – changing the tone to black and white could alter the meaning of these photos.

I do have respect for professional photographers, but I do not consider it a newfound appreciation. I always admired photographers and how much thought they put into each photo. The timing of each photo is everything, because a subject could move, lighting can change, or the photographer could move and change the angle very easily.  After college, I would love to be a photographer for Time or a sports magazine. I have always had a passion for photography and that passion will be with me for a long time.

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