Posted by: photochika42 | October 24, 2010

Critique and Lumiere

After this reading week’s readings, do you agree or disagree with the Manifesto? Is it possible for film to truly be ‘realistic?’ Yes or No, explain.

No, I do not agree with the Manifesto, and I do not feel that it is possible for film to be truly realistic. I feel that if a film was truly “realistic”, then it would have to be filmed without the consent of what or whom is being filmed. The Lumiere Manifesto does state that camera movements and special effects (such as zooming, cutting from scene to scene, and other effects) are distractions, which are possible in capturing “realistic” life too. Special effects and different effects of the camera do take away from the “realism” idea of film. The line between “realism” and “real” is blurred by the use of these special effects.

I do feel, however, that certain camera movements, such as zoom, can help the viewer clearly see what is going on. Some camera movements can create more interest in the video by the viewer, so some movement is necessary. Having things (whether it be objects or people) continuously enter and exit one still frame can bore a viewer.


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