Posted by: photochika42 | October 31, 2010

Lumiere Critique

Sylvia and I had different ideas for filming our lumiere, such as having someone unicycle in the quad, watching people enter and exit TDR, watching a pick-up basketball game, watching who enters and exits MGC. We ended up going out onto the quad and filming the Alpha Epsilon Pi fundraiser event, where you would pay to push a pie into one of the fraternity brothers’ face.

I was content with the end result, but I would have changed one or two things. I would have had more people being pied in the video, and I would also not have the guy who was pie-ing people face the camera directly. I also would have changed the placement of the title. I would have had the title have its own screen. I was a little nervous about showing the film to an audience, but I hoped that they enjoyed the humor of someone being pied in the face.  Some people did laugh a little bit, so I was happy with their reaction to the lumiere film.


I chose Emily and Olivia’s Lumiere, which was the video about eating the oreos. I liked the angle of how the video was taken, and I enjoyed the composition of the Lumiere. It’s a different perspective of looking at life, and it had a fun mood about it, and I felt that this video also made me want to eat a few oreos. I also liked the choice of glass/mug for the milk. The orange mug popped against the brown of the table, I felt that this film worked also because of the unexpected ending, the way the cookie crumbled.

The person eating the oreos looked like they were displaying the oreo being dipped into the milk, which does not really seem natural to me. I also felt that the video was a little shaky, so a tripod or some other surface could have supported the camera. Using a tripod would have helped improve the Lumiere, and if the person eating the oreo was more natural about eating oreos, then it would not have seemed so staged.

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