Posted by: photochika42 | November 8, 2010

Movie Poster Critique

Movie Poster:

Moulin Rouge Movie Poster

Moulin Rouge Movie Poster

I chose a poster from the movie “Moulin Rouge” that was released in 2001. Moulin Rouge is a romance film, and that can be clearly seen by the couple that is kissing on the poster.  I feel that this is an effective movie poster, and that it does sell the movie because many people enjoy watching romance movies, so the couple that is kissing is the main focus of the poster.  The viewer’s eye is instantly drawn to them.  The obvious message is that this film is about romance and a location called “the Moulin rouge” and includes the ideas of truth, freedom, beauty, and love, which are listed directly on the poster.

The signifier of this poster is the kissing, and the signified is that romance can be found at the Moulin Rouge.  The dark colors that are used on this poster signify that this love story might not have a happy ending.  The couple is an organic form, but the windmill behind them to the left is a geometric building.  The angle of the Nicole Kidman’s back shows movement for the viewer, and the way it curves to direct the viewer to the windmill in the background could signify that her character has some sort of attachment to that building.  The texture of the poster is soft, because of the light and the edges of the clothing and the poster blending into the border or the background.

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