Posted by: photochika42 | December 6, 2010

“When one door closes, another one opens…” Summary

My original idea for my final project apparently did not have enough of a consistent thread to it, so I switched my focus from my hometown to doors. I chose to have a theme of doors, whether they are church doors, doors to a home, or to a public building.  I felt that the theme of churches, which were another possible idea, was a very common theme. I also felt that there were not as many projects and not as much focus on doors as there is on churches and the different parts of the church.  All of my photos are from the DuPont Circle area of Washington D.C. unless otherwise stated.

My first photo is from the Public Citizen building.  The texture of the grate that covered the window on the door caught my attention.  I also thought that the door had a nice contrast to the pillars that were located on either side of it.

My second photo is from the Jamaican Embassy. The lines on the door encourage movement of the viewer.  There is a pattern that trims the door, which I also found intriguing. This doorway is not framed in the same way as the doorway from the Public Citizen building, but the details on the door made up for the lack of bold framing.

My third photo is from the Church of Scientology.  There were two main points that I focused on with this shot.  I felt that the pillars that help frame the door of this building were an important emphasis of the architecture.  I also thought that the idea of symmetry within this entrance way was another point to focus on.  Everything is balanced in just the right way and it appears that nothing is out of order.

My fourth photo is from a council building. The architecture that is located above this door helps draw the viewer to the top of the photo. There is a lot of detail that is located in the overhang, and that makes up for the simplicity of the door. The door does have a simple design, but that design does not make this photo overwhelming to the viewer.

My fifth photo is from the store called “Beadazzled”. The door is very, very simple, but the print that is located within the frame of the door made this photo intriguing. Unfortunately, there is a glare on the glass of the door, which does take away from the appeal of the print on the door. Even with the glare, the color of the print does draw the viewer in.

My sixth photo is from Wayne Presbyterian Church, located in Wayne, Pennsylvania.  The archway that frames this door is simplistic yet a bit elegant.  The doors are red, which is what drew me in to take photos of these doors. The glass design located above the door is also interesting to the viewer, but it does not take away from the photo overall.

My seventh and final photo is from the Washington Club. The pattern on the door itself was interesting, and I also felt that including a picture of an open door would make the viewer think more about the photo. What is going on inside this building? Was the door left open on purpose, or is the open door encouraging people to come inside?

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